Success with SoCCs


Dan Morrison is a friend of Asia Initiatives and the Chief Do Gooder of IMAGINE Social Good, which works with social innovators to help them create the change they want to see in the world. He is consulting for AI on the implementation of our innovative Social Capital Credits (SoCCs). This consulting work brought him to India in February and in this month’s blog post we present to you his journey to the four project sites.

First, Dan spent several days in Gujarat gathering data from the urban and rural members of the infamous Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).  From them, he gathered the ways in which they would use SoCCs and the merit it held in improving their lives. SEWA is now preparing a plan and budget for what it would take to launch a pilot with 250 families in Ahmedabad.


Dan then visited a small but very effective SoCCs pilot operating in Dharavi, Mumbai, where people are cleaning their lanes and drains to earn SoCCs in exchange for daal, the nutritious lentils that are a staple of Indian meals. The people are very motivated and pleased with the success with which they have been able to cooperate with their neighbors. With Dan’s guidance, AI is now working to expand the SoCCs Earning and SoCCs Spending Menus in Dharavi, which should occur within the upcoming months.

His southward journey continued and Dan found himself in Chennai for further conversations with M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) about a possible SoCCs partnership with MSSRF.  Geeta Mehta, President of AI formalized this proposal made by Dan and we are pleased to share that MSSRF will be piloting SoCCs in the village knowledge centers (VKC). These details are now being finalized and Asia Initiatives is looking forward to continuing their work with MSSRF.

Dan ended his trip in Delhi where he met with Oxigen, Inc., a mobile service provider in India. The Oxigen pilot is very exciting and will be launching on April 9. Oxigen has agreed to accept SoCCs as payment for adult education classes (computers, tailoring, beautician) they deliver through their academy. Oxigen is currently working with the community to identify the activities people will complete to earn SoCCs. Oxigen is also considering making its Mobile Wallet technology available to SoCCs for the digital exchange of SoCCs in the future – which will be a game changer!

Asia Initiatives is excited to see the outcomes of Dan’s work in India. After establishing relations with all the amazing organizations and people noted above, we are sure that SoCCs will be successfully recognized in cities across India.  Thank you to those who have supported us and keep reading for updates on SoCCs on our blog in the future!

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