New Year, New Resolutions, Stronger AI

With AI’s many accomplishments of 2014, we are excited to ring in 2015 with AI’s New Years Resolutions. These include growing and developing SoCCs, promoting awareness of the various causes that AI is invested in, and building a yet stronger bond with our supporters. To those of you who have been supporting and tracking our success, thank you – we are grateful for your kindness and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


SoCCs has undoubtedly been AI’s biggest success of 2014, and we are committed to continuing that trend in 2015. The success of the gala with Indra Nooyi receiving the annual Swaminathan Award is another highlight that we hope to build on in 2015! In 2015, we will further develop the product borne of the work done on MVP (minimum viable product) for a SoCCs technological platform, which will give communities an innovative means to efficiently track SoCCs exchanges across the globe. Keep an eye out for developments with the MVP this Spring, a fabulous gala in late fall, and project updates throughout the year, as we will make sure to keep you updated!


As you may be aware, in 2014, the excitement and demand for SoCCs extended far beyond our first pilots in Ghana and India. SoCCs now has found a footing in Costa Rica. In the New Year, AI will continue to encourage SoCCs in India with the goal of developing and expanding current and upcoming projects. Building upon the upcoming launch of MVP, we eagerly await to see SoCCs’ development within present and future projects in India, Costa Rica, Ghana, Kenya, and United States!

We are also resolving to host a fabulous gala and the groundwork for a spectacular event has already begun! Keep watching this space to learn about the winner of the 2015 Swaminathan Award as well as location, auction items, and so much more!

In resolving also to build a stronger connection with you, we want to expressly note that none of our progress is possible without the help of all our supporters and friends. To those of you who attended our Gala in October, who contributed to the auctions or the paddle raisers, who offered their time and expertise, or supported us remotely, we thank you! All our work, and 100% of your support are for that. Our work ensures that every dollar you give gets to the field, and through SoCCs exacts a multiplier effect. The contribution of ideas, management of numerous projects, and the hard work and skills that the AI team, often voluntarily, enhances your support. And we hope to see your continued support in 2015!

 As this New Year begins, the AI team is full of hope and optimism that through our work and your support, we can enable capabilities and resilience in others to overcome extreme poverty and social injustice-with dignity and empowerment. To hear about more of the SoCCs highlights from 2014, please take a look at AI’s previous post by our President Geeta Mehta.

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