Women Of Asia Initiatives: Panchavaranam


Asia Initiatives is thrilled to launch its second blog series, Women of Asia Initiatives, for our blog readers. As the Social Capital Credits program continues to grow globally, we look forward to sharing with you a first-hand account of the SoCCs impact. This series will highlight incredible, resilient and devoted women whom Asia Initiatives supports through various initiatives, including SoCCs. With that, we are delighted to present the Panchavaranam for our first Woman of Asia Initiatives blog series!

Panchavaranam is a 32-year-old member of the Poornadevi Women Thozhil Munaivor producer group in the Kadavampatti villages in Tamil Nadu. The Poornadevi Women Thozhil Munaivor is one of the groups of the Illupur Agriculture Producer Company, which is run out of the Pudukottai district. Panchavaranam is currently growing vegetables and fodder for her cattle. She is also enrolled in the MNREGA 100 day program as an agricultural laborer.  Together Panchavaranam and her husband, an agricultural laborer, own a half-acre of land where they cultivates paddy. They have a son and twin daughters in middle school. Panchavaranam supports her children by making them attend school daily, and by being a strong role model.

Panchavaranam contributes to SoCCs by producing and selling dairy products as a livelihood option. She was successful in gaining the Milch animal credit facility which allowed her to purchase a cow with SoCCs credits. With the support of 12 milk collection centers and 230 small farmer milk producers, Panchavaram is strengthening the Integrated Family Farming. In doing so she also provides milk for the Komatha Women Dairy Enterprise center. Alongside this role, Panchavaranam has attended various awareness meetings, helped in cleaning the community canals and attending vermi-compost training.

Panchavaranam is just one example of the incredible women involved in the SoCCs program. Her efforts are an inspiration to many other women to increase their involvement in SoCCs as well. We look forward to seeing Panchavaranam continue to achieve milestones in Kadavampatti and being a strong source of leadership for the community.

– Maya Daver Massion is a Junior Board Member of Asia Initiatives and student at Barnard College of Columbia University

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