It’s back! Stay tuned…

Asia Initiatives is a pro-poor, pro-women and pro-environment organization that strives to promote social capital in underserved communities through empowering women and facilitating community involvement. Our projects work with local nonprofits to tackle the needs of their communities through AI’s SoCCs (Social Capital Credits) program. AI is proud that it fulfills 13 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. A fun and easy way for you to be involved in this transformative work is by attending our annual Asia Initiative’s Gala!

Here’s are some highlights from the 2015 Gala!

New York Athletics Club
Our Gala was held in a stunning venue at the New York Athletics Club


Kerry Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy, one of the evening’s honorees, engaged the audience in a rain dance for farmers in Ethiopia 



Ankita Chanchra and Devanshi Purohit
AI volunteers, Ankita Chachra and Devanshi Purohit, led the attendees in a thrilling Bollywood dance


The enthusiastic team of AI board members and volunteers has once again come together to plan our upcoming Gala. The meeting opening discussing the progress made on our current projects as well as what needs to be done from this point. As an intern here at Asia Initiatives, this was my first introduction to the team and I was very impressed with the programs as well as the sense of accountability in the projects and our mission through measurable outcomes, while SoCCs turn villagers into true citizens in their community.


This year we will be presenting the Ban Ki-moon Award for Women’s Empowerment to Gloria Steinem. Till December last year Ban Ki-moon was the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations. While in this position, Mr. Ban was an influential force in the creation of UN Women and advocated for women’s rights and gender equality through various campaigns and initiatives that fulfill many SDGs and align with the work of Asia Initiatives. We are honored to this inaugural award to American feminist, journalist and social and political activist Gloria Steinem.

                         Ban Ki-Moon                                     Gloria Steinem                      

Gloria Steinem has been a strong force internationally on women’s rights and  starting her work in India (just like AI). Early on she gained recognition through an expose for Show magazine on New York City’s Playboy Club where she went undercover working as a waitress. She joined the women’s movement at its outset, and continued to express her views in articles and essays, while also launching Ms. magazine. AI is excited to honor such a strong and impactful woman who inspires others to dream:

“Without the leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

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